League Cup Fixtures Weekend 12th November

The UCD Superleague League Cup kicks off this weekend.Super_League_Logo


The Superleague's first cup competition of the year kicks off this weekend, starting with fixtures on Friday 11th November. Teams who do not have a fixture in the League Cup should check the Superleague section of the website for League Fixtures.

The Fixtures for the First Round are as follows.

Friday 11th November

Chamakh My Bitch Up v The Michelin Stars, 6.00pm, Old Merville

Saturday 12th November

Sporting Irection v Templeogue Titans, 3.45pm, Soccer Astro

LA Galaxy Caramel v Dublin Bay Packers, 3.45pm, GAA Astro

Young Boys of Belfield v Haven't a Kalou, 3.45pm, Rugby Astro

The Absolute Gents v Schalke 04 Skin, 2.00pm, Rugby Astro

Oil Sheiks v Moleicester City, 2.00pm, Soccer Astro

Sauce Pan Celtic v Total Eclipse of Ian Harte, 2.00pm, GAA Astro

Bareback Ryders v Bray Badgers, 12.00pm, Soccer Astro

Buena Vista Social FC v Raul Moatrid, 10.00am, GAA Astro

Standard Ledge v Squeeze My Lemon, 10.00am, Soccer Astro

Tottenham Hotsperm v FC Twente Benson, 10.00am, Rugby Astro

Sunday 13th November

Olympic Real v Multiple Scoregasms, 3.45pm, GAA Astro

Sheffield Thursbray v Filbert Athletic FC, 2.00pm, GAA Astro

Dukes Of Biohazard v Fritzl Palace, 2.00pm, GAA Astro

Monday 14th November

Real Madrides v Booterstown FC, 6.30pm, Soccer Astro

Tuesday 15th November

Bayern Neverloosin v Dartmouth Darts, 6.00pm, Soccer Astro

Wednesday 16th November

Xlami FC v Special Olympiakos, 8.30pm, Rugby Astro

Backdoor Bouncers v ABCDE FC, 6.30pm, Old Merville

Thursday 17th November

Borussia Munchenblacksack v Two Footed Clunge AFC, 8.30pm, Rugby Astro

Friday 18th November

Proletariat AFC v Deportivo Lacka Talent, 8.30pm, Rugby Astro