Superleague League Cup 2nd Round Fixtures

The second round of the Superleague League Cup takes place this weekend with the first fixture on Friday 26th November.Super_League_Logo2010_11


 The full set of Fixtures are:

Friday 26th November

LM Mountaineers v Sheffield Thursbray, GAA Astro, 7.45pm

Scratch Arse FC v Bean FC, GAA Astro, 6.00pm

Saturday 27th November

The Absolute Gents v F.T. Ladzio, 3.45pm GAA Astro

Cypress Hull v Raul Moatrid, Soccer Astro, 3.45pm

Virgin Orient v The Hilltown Boys, GAA Astro, 2.00pm

Gynaemo Kiev v Callary Rovers, Soccer Astro, 2.00pm

P. in V. Eindhoven v September's 11, Rugby Astro, 2.00pm

Football Friends v We Like Young Boys, Soccer Astro, 12.00pm

The Usual Yusspects v Los Playeros, Rugby Astro, 12.00pm

Sporting Vote No To Lisbon v FC Victory, Rugby Astro, 10.00am

Murder On Zidane's Floor FC v Haven't A Kalou, GAA Astro, 10.00am

Sunday 28th November

Red Star Belfield v Georgina United, GAA Astro, 10.00am

Monday 29th November

Toke City v The Old Sleaze, Soccer Astro, 6.30pm

Tuesday 30th November

Special Olympiakos v Superfriends, Soccer Astro, 6.00pm

Just Jeff v Vets FC, Rugby Astro, 8.30pm

Thursday 2nd December

Exither Quickly v Olympic Real, Soccer Astro, 5.30pm