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Collingwood Cup 2012: Day 2

Mick Leahy takes us behind the scenes at the Collingwood Cup.Cover


Day 2:


After dinner last night we had a big game of ‘Articulate’ between about 12 us, with the LSL lads up against the Airtricity players. We made a late trade, taking Tyrone and handing Cillian Morrison over to the LSL lads. Cillian’s been struggling at the game this week and true to form, took his new teammates including Conor McG, Niall W and Niall McD, down with him. Unsurprisingly, the first team lads came out on top!


Barry and Danny were happier with their breakfast in bed this morning, having actually received what they wanted this time, as the lads restrained themselves from altering their breakfast card for the 2nd day in a row.


After breakfast, a session with Tony (Physio) confirmed that I was going to miss the game today with a quad strain. Hopefully I’ll still get to play some part in the rest of the tournament but the coaching staff and myself decided that it was too big a risk today, not wanting to do any further damage with the new league season only 10days away. So, confined to spectator duty for the day, I went to the team meeting with the lads and we set off for the game about 12.30pm.


Because our hotel is only 10mins walk from the University, we’ve been walking in every day to our games. Today, Mark Langtry was rushing back to Dublin after the game to complete an exam, and so decided to drive down to the game. Unfortunately when we got to the car, it wouldn’t start and Mark required the assistance of a fairly unhelpful parking attendant and first-team boss Martin Russell to jumpstart it.


The game itself was a typical Collingwood battle. Windy conditions and the surrounding running track meant the ball probably spent more time out of play during the 90mins. The most notable part of the first half was Conor McG hitting the crossbar at HT! A very suspect penalty award gave Maynooth the lead, before Langtry equalised again, like yesterday, with 5mins remaining. In extra-time we dominated and deservedly scored 2 more goals. Mark McGinley was so excited that he couldn’t wait to get back to the dressing room to text his girlfriend the result. It remains to be seen whether Mark Langtry made it to his exam at 6.30pm!


Ross King was the worthy recipient of the ‘Danny Fallon MOM’ today, with a ‘regal performance’, grabbing a goal and an assist.


Unfortunately our captain for the day, David O’Connor, picked up a strain to his glute muscle during the game and was forced to come off. To all of the lads’ amusement, he is now confined to limping around the hotel with one hand on his ass! Rumours are beginning to circulate about what himself and Mark McGinley were getting up to in their room last night!


The wear and tear of tournament football is beginning to take its toll on the squad and reinforcements are being summoned down from Dublin, who may yet have a big part to play in the tournament.


Our surprise opponents in the semi-final tomorrow are the Royal College of Surgeons, perennial minnows in the Collingwood Cup, who have racked up two good wins so far. Coincidentally, they’re also staying in the same hotel as us. Threats of two-footed tackles and late-night prank calls were being exchanged across the swimming pool earlier!


Just finished dinner now, so I’m off to visit my grandparents, who live in Limerick, for a couple of hours. On the way back from dinner, I caught McGinley red-handed, sneaking off from dinner early to buy his girlfriend a necklace in the gift shop. The lads are going to give him some serious stick when they find out!