Collee The College Mascot

The sound of snoring drew our attention to the Club Shop during the week and there we found a new team member!web27


He must have snuck in at the end of the Derry City game and made himself at home, but Collee was definitely at home. He found a jersey that fit him perfectly and curled up in the warmth. web3

He was very shy at first but once he stepped out into the light and explored the UCD Bowl he was very happy with his new home. Collee was enjoying himself making himself comfortable in the stand and bounded across to the dugout to see what Martin Russell sees.

Collee was very excited to hear that Bray Wanderers were coming to the UCD Bowl on Friday night and he made sure to get a

 good night's sleep last night to make sure he was ready to welcome all the fans to the Bowl.

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