Mount Merrion Boys FC Academy Open Day!

On May 10th the Football in the Community team visited Mount Merrion FC for a fun filled ‘UCD AFC Open Day’, providing soccer coaching and games for all the academy kids! The team, headed by first team coach Martin Russell, boasted a number of our best players including strikers Timmy Purcell and Paul Byrne, midfielders Patrick McWalter, Greg Bolger, Ronan Finn, Brian King, Anthony Doyle and John Reilly and long time UCD defender Alan McNally. Proud Young Footballer Enjoys His Day! Martin and his team spent the day coaching all the vital footballing skills including passing, dribbling and finishing. As well as this, fun small-sided games between the young academy players were enjoyed by all. Skills sessions! At the end of the day all the academy players were given free ‘Junior Blues Packs’ including pens, key rings, posters. The UCD players then made themselves available for autographs with plenty of posters being signed! Autograph Hunters! UCD AFC would like to thank Mount Merrion FC and their young coaches who assisted in the smooth running of the day and wish all members continued success in the future. The whole gang!